Voice Lessons

*The Inevitable COVID-19 update: I am still teaching, but obviously lessons have moved from being in person to online. I am mostly operating over Skype, but am also able to send a Zoom link if that is preferable. Instead of just going through Resonate (though that is still an option), you can contact me directly via erinvandermolenpater@gmail.com for more info or to book a lesson (lesson times are exceptionally flexible right now!).

As of last fall, I’ve been teaching at Resonate Music School on Sunday afternoons and Monday and Tuesday evenings–bookings can be done through their website (plus, if you wanted to take lessons in any other instrument, just tell them Erin referred you). I specialise in musical theatre, with a secondary focus on classical music and jazz, and I’m happy to teach a variety of styles and work with a range of vocal experience.

Please e-mail for more information or to book your first lesson today! erinvandermolenpater@gmail.com

If you are nervous/curious about starting your very first voice lesson, I’ve written a blog post outlining what you should expect: Starting Your First Voice Lesson?